Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

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What is GPON?

GPON is truly ground breaking. It is a brand new technology in the UK. Countries such as Australia and Canada have pioneered this technology to improve internet speeds over long distances. The result is a high speed, low cost network infrastructure.

It offers a future‐proof access network with unrivalled upgrade capability.

Through its own network of passive splitters, GPON allows one single fibre broadband cable to replace the need for multiple cables. This gives our clients the ability to combine multiple services onto a single fibre data network.

This break through technology offers unrivalled speeds of up to 2.488 Gbits/s download speeds, and 1.244 Gbits/s upload speeds.


Benefits of GPON

Along with its unparalleled internet speed, GPON is completely scalable without the need for any infrastructure upgrades.

GPON accelerates businesses connectivity into the future of internet services. It ensures that end user bandwidth is accommodated and it provides the platform for ongoing business communications.


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